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2024 Memphis Uke-N-Roll Jamboree Workshops

Friday April 19, 2024

Workshop 1 – Kirk Jones

“Easiest Barr Chord Song in the World”
In this workshop we will learn how to play the entire song Moondance by using only ONE FINGER! This will set the foundation for you to start playing Barr chords and playing up the neck. [Confident Beginners players]

Workshop 2 – Ray Cygrymus

“Getting Spicy with Embellishments”
In this workshop, we will explore some great techniques to make our playing more dynamic. Chord suspensions, double stops, palm muting and some different strum patterns.

Workshop 3 – Bryan Tolentino

“Navigating The Fretboard”
Learn how to navigate up and down the fretboard using the Chromatic scale logically and tastefully, giving you more “vocab” and choices to “speak” your music!

Workshop 4 – Victoria Vox

“Get in the Groove”: (All Levels)
In this very hands-on class, we’ll play around with different rhythms and grooves. Over a simple chord progression, we’ll work on loosening up the right hand for fun strums! The groove even starts before you play a note! We’ll play a simple tune in many different styles: Pop / Jazz / Ska / Swing / Blues / Reggae / Opera / Bluegrass, etc. This class is groovy,100% fun, and a bit of a strumming crash course!

Saturday April 20, 2024

Workshop 1 – Michael August

“Da Blues With A Feeling”
Projecting your thoughts through your music. Basic Blues Riffs and Techniques.

Workshop 2 – Ray Cygrymus

“Feeling Fancy with Your Feet, The tasteful use of effect pedals to enhance your ukulele sound”
In this workshop, we will learn about common effect pedals, the best ones for ukulele, how they work, and how to properly use them. The end of the class will include an open mic where the students can play a song of their choice while experimenting with various effect pedals to tastefully enhance the song.

Workshop 3 – Tina Zee

“Lyric Writing Tips and Tricks”
In a 20-plus year career as a professional writer, Your Favorite Gender Nonconforming Ukuleleist & Vocalist, Tina Zee, has learned countless valuable tips and tricks about wrangling the right words and arranging sentences to be precise, effective and – we hope – emotive. In addition to everyday, bread-and-butter wordsmithing, TZ also has been writing songs since 2008 – first as lead vocalist for a rock band, and now as an independent artist – and delights in the fact that many of the tips and tricks learned in work carry over to the craft of lyric writing. Tina Zee is happy to share some of these guidelines in a class called “Lyric Writing Tips and Tricks,” which is being offered at the 2024 Memphis Uke ‘N’ Roll Jamboree. During this class, Tina applies each Tip and Trick to a handful of classic songs by world-famous artists, so participants can see the advice in action! Songwriters of any level are welcomed and encouraged to join this class!

Workshop 4 – Victoria Vox

“I’ll Be at the Barre”: (adv. beginner – intermediate)
This will be a comprehensible “ice-breaker” into the world of Barre Chords. Guaranteed to be an enjoyable experience as we play with chords and chord qualities. Barre intimidation no more! We will end the class by playing Three Little Birds (Bob Marley) while using some barre chords,and even adding a melodic riff!

Workshop 5 – Bryan Tolentino

“Applying 1-V, 1-IV-V, up the fretboard” (Advanced)
In this Advanced Class you will be learning the art of listening to hear the 1-V, 1-IV-V chord progressions in various keys when played on the ukulele.