Andrew Molina

Andrew Molina began playing the ukulele when he was 13 years old. Inspired by his mentor and good friend Jake Shimabukuro, Andrew put all of his time and effort into his ukulele practicing tirelessly for hours on end. Andrew released his first CD entitled “The Beginning” in 2013 on which he composed 8 of the 11 songs. His CD was a finalist for “Ukulele Album of the Year” at the 2014 “Na Hoku Hanohano” music awards, Hawaii’s version of the Grammy Awards. Now at 25, He is one of the of talented young ukulele virtuosos touring the world and teaching people everywhere that there are no limits to what can be done in this little instrument. His music can be described as a mix of Hawaiian, pop, rock, latin and a little bit of jazz. Several of his original compositions from his first album were selected for a promotional video for Maui’s own Ocean Vodka company and one of his music videos was selected for a Hawaiian Airlines inflight video promotion. His original song “E Ho’i Ke Aloha” was selected for the movie “Popolo” which was filmed in Hawaii. He released his second album “A New Journey” in February of 2017 and composed 10 of the 14 songs on it. He also is honored to have a few of his close friends performing with him on the album including Jake Shimabukuro, Kalei Gamiao on ukulele and Craig Chee on cello. Two of the songs from “A New Journey” are featured on an indie film entitled “Revenge In Kind” which was released in August 2017. His album was also a finalist for “Ukulele Album of the Year” in 2018. He has also toured the west coast of the US multiple times, and performed at the Maui Ukulele Festival, the Tacoma Ukulele Festival in Washington state, the Los Angeles International Ukulele Festival, the Tahiti International Ukulele Festival and the Grand Northern Ukulele Festival in England. He has also performed in concert with his buddy Jake Shimabukuro. Andrew is always looking for new ways to take the ukulele to the next level whether it’s doing different genres of music or different techniques. He loves what he does and it shows in his playing and songwriting

Lil Rev

Lil Rev is an award-winning Wisconsin based ukulele master. He’s authored a dozen instructional books for Hal Leonard and tours North America teaching and performing at festivals and music camps. His genuine love of roots music and its history, is an unmistakable element of his live shows, that often feature blues, jazz, r & b, old time, tin pan alley, bluegrass, country and his deep-rooted originals. 

Devin Scott

Armed with a ukulele and a big, unexpected, voice, Devin Scott effortlessly entertains audiences of all ages. Performing everything from old time classics to new pop, Devin aims to include everyone of his listeners. “Itʼs just more fun when people are enjoying and participating, so I try to make sure that everyone has something they can sing and dance to.”Soon after purchasing his first ukulele, Devin began to realize the joy it gave him and others, and has made a goal to play for as many people as he can. “Itʼs so amazing to watch an entire group of people enjoy something so much together.” Traveling around the country, teaching workshops, leading jam sessions, and singing for audiences in restaurants, bars, high in the Rocky Mountains, around campfires, and even floating down the San Juan river, Devin is “living the dream” and loving sharing his talents and the ukulele with as many as he can. What ever you do donʼt miss his dance party!!!

Ukester Brown

Ukester Brown (aka David Remiger) got his first ‘ukulele when he was about twelve years old and while he learned a few chords at that time he started playing it more intentionally about 30 years later. While reading about how making music makes all the synapses in the brain active he decided it would be a good mental exercise to take part in and he dusted off his old uke and hasn’t looked back. His YouTube channel has over 2300 subscribers and almost 300 videos with many of the videos having tutorials. He calls his website ( “a collection of everything ‘ukulele”. The song sheets he creates focus on classic songs, but he tries to include introductions and verses that seem to have been lost. “I love sharing the ukulele and feel blessed to have been able to teach seminars at several uke festivals and clubs.”

Tina Zee

Ms. Tina Zee is Your Favorite Gender Nonconforming Ukuleleist and Vocalist. Ms. Zee’s “Tina-ness” has existed her entire life, but it wasn’t until 2014 that Tina made the radical decision to try self-acceptance and self-love. That choice came with some spectacular fringe benefits, including calmness and peace, a FABULOUS new wardrobe, and a small, four-stringed instrument. Ms. Tina read an article from a transgender woman who advised that singing is an excellent way to help smooth the jagged edges of a “boy voice.” Ms. Tina had just finished a six-year stint as lead vocalist of a Phoenix rock band, so singing was nothing new. But suddenly, she needed to accompany her own voice. Enter the ukulele! Yes, Ms. Tina Zee picked up the ukulele to literally help her find her own voice. And it was magical from the first strum! A match made in heaven! A never-ending love affair! We don’t mean to oversell the idea, but to say ukulele is important to Tina Zee is a vast understatement! So that’s her journey, thus far. The Memphis Uke-N-Roll Jamboree is another unforgettable step along the way, and she is utterly tickled pink to be part of it!